My Top 5 Moscatos of the Moment

Everyone needs a little wine time. I prefer the sweet kind. If you’re new to sweeter wine my favorite is Moscato (obviously). Moscato is most known to be an Italian-grown fruity white dessert wine, featuring peach, orange and or nectarine, sometimes with a slight fizz. Moscato is made with muscat grapes, which are thought to be the oldest variety of grape in the world. It’s now made out of California, Spain, Japan and

This wine is low in alcohol about 5-6% alcohol and easy to drink. In 2012 the Wall Street Journal’s wine columnist reported moscato was the most popular wine sensation of 2012 and 2011 (coincidentally the year I turned 21), citing its welcomed drink-ability for those that are newcomers to drinking wine. A “gateway wine” – haha!

There are so many fun variations of Moscato now. Next time you see a Moscato on the menu, or at the store, I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think.

My Top Moscatos of the Moment

  1. Moscato by Cavit is just plain light and refreshing for enjoying at home on the couch after a long day.

  2. Villa Jolanda Moscato & Coconut is bubbly and a bit of a dry finish for such a sweet wine, more of a special occasion wine than a drink with dinner.

  3. Peach by local North Hills of Pittsburgh, Narcisi Winery, has a delicious flavor and is a tiny bit tart. This is a syrupy fruit wine.

  4. Moscato by Ohio’s Gervasi I think it is yummy, but it is very syrupy sweet. It is served in a tiny dessert wine glass at Gervasi.

  5. Mia Dolcea Moscato d’Asti bubbly is sweet and light, just what I like.

  6. Stella Rosa Wines of San Antonio Wines has a Moscato D’Asti that is more strongly carbonated than most mosctos, but is also sweet, fruity and delicious. Plus the brand is just fun. The bottle has a crown raised emboss.

  7. I was first attracted to Bartenura’s moscato because of the beautiful blue bottle. The taste keeps this wine in my regularly purchased rotation. It’s bright and refreshing, semi sweet, with pear, tangerine, nectar and melon fruit flavors.

Now here are some of my favorite wine captures.


Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives, sparkling moscato that is! #🍾 #🍷 #winefest7Sgiveaway

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🍷wine & carbs 🍝 loved dining at @dianoiaseatery! Check out the blog for more details 😋

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Hump Day goodies ✅ @bartenurablue + #girlscoutcookies

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TGIF 🍷 diagnosing my work week hangover headache with this delicious fruity 🍑 wine discovered at the @7springspa wine fest!

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Cheers to skipping that whole Monday work day thing this week 🍷❤️🍓 @barefootwine

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